Second Energy’s Heart

is in Renewable Energy

Product & Services

What We Do?
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As being an Energy Service Provider in MENA & GCC, Second Energy offers the below services for its clients:

  1. Design, Implement, Manage and Commission of Mega Power Plants:  

  2. Energy Auditing: For medium and large enterprises.
  3. Solar Pumping System: For farms in remote area.
  4. On-Grid Solar System: For small, medium and large systems.
  5. Off-Grid Solar System: For remote areas.
  6. Solar Street Lightening Systems.


  • Feasibility studies / project development.
  • Consultation.
  • Planning.
  • Projects of Second Energy
  • Implementation as a general contractor / general planne.
  • Documentations.
  • Plant monitoring.
  • Operational management services.